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Diverse, Good Hacker Club Started by IUP Student Featured Image

Diverse, Good Hacker Club Started by IUP Student

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  September 10, 2014

A "_good hackers_" club has been started by a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) to build awareness and educate faculty and students on how to protect themselves from "malicious hackers, "according to a recent article published on SFGate website. The article indicates that the university junior and information technology student Zach Garcia, 22, and his new group have gained much attention on campus since they draw in faculty and students.

Garcia came up with the idea to start "_The Lunchtime Hackers_" while at work. The article stated since he felt those concerned with these issues should meet to educate each other about the "_bad hackers on the Internet_" and discuss the importance of guarding against their threats. Garcia was quoted in the article to say, "_There's a diverse group of people that come to the meetings, and I've found that we can learn from each other._" He clarified that this group consists of a "_pretty eclectic group_" and said those attending might see "_the dean of a colleague sitting next to a freshman_" at any given time.

The "about" section on the group's website,, states:

**What are Lunchtime Hackers?


Lunchtime Hackers is a university-based group of people with a shared interest in technology and technology awareness. Many of us are students at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Still, anybody anywhere is welcome to participate in our blog, forums, or meetings. You can do that by sharing ideas, collaborating on our group projects, and teaching what you know to others in the group at our meetings.

One way we're unlike most student-driven organizations is that everyone comes to learn and share, no matter who we are outside the club. At our meetings, first-year students sit beside tenured professors; FORTRAN coders chat with Android developers; Linux and Windows users set aside their differences and get along (sort of). And even though we're required to have officers and bylaws on paper as a student organization, we think of ourselves as a community where everyone's skill levels, opinions, and ideas are treated equally.

Read more about Zach Garcia's group here at the full article on the SFGate website and learn more about what they discuss and what Garcia hopes to accomplish on a larger scale in the future.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  September 10, 2014