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Industry Shifting Toward Cloud Computing Featured Image

Industry Shifting Toward Cloud Computing

by: Elizabeth White  /  July 4, 2013

Cloud computing seems to be the option more and more users are choosing for their web hosting needs. Leaving us with a huge question, "Is cloud computing technology allowing users to have their virtual cake and eat it too?"

Cloud computing allows users the ability to meet the demands of their ever-changing computing needs, such as network storage and server time, without requiring human assistance from their service provider. For an end-user, this convenience could be the difference between successfully running new applications with high performance and a service error. Sites and application requirements change daily. Realizing this, industry professionals are demanding services to accommodate that.

To most developers or business managers, easily adjusting resources by demand in real-time sounds like a dream come true, so the next question on everyone's mind is, "How much is this going to cost me?"

One of the best features of cloud computing technology is its flexibility. Cloud services are elastic, meaning the higher demand, the more resources can be made available. When users require fewer resources, their cloud can be scaled down, allowing them to only pay for what they use. This flexibility allows for billing and metering of services to be managed on the fly.

The beauty of the cloud is the convenience, the flexibility, and, more than anything, its reliability. Access the cloud computing system from anywhere at any time. As long as a user has access to the internet, they have access to all their cloud applications. Data is no longer confined to one user's hard drive.

What does this mean for development and business management? Having instant access to applications and the ability to share this access means efficiency and accuracy for operations management. No longer needing the fasted computers with the most memory, businesses are driving hardware costs down. Company software is now easily shared without costly licensing fees for every new employee. And with dedicated resources available to cloud users, these applications aren't being interrupted.

Another reason for the big push to the cloud is risk management. With redundant data storage, even if a hard disk fails, user data is safe and readily available on another one. Cloud computing is ensuring user application performance like never before. This performance, coupled with the security of reliable isolation in the user's own environment, sounds like icing on a virtual cake.

The industry has taken note of and is shifting as cloud users are getting customized services with less room for error. So maybe the final question concerning your hosting needs is, "Is it time for you to get your head in the cloud?"

Written by Elizabeth White  /  July 4, 2013