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Israeli Company Trains to Stop Cyber Attacks Featured Image

Israeli Company Trains to Stop Cyber Attacks

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  December 3, 2013

A training facility located on Israel's northern coastline near the Orot Rabin power station – called "Cyber Gym" – has been created to train information technology and infrastructure professionals to defend their organizations against "cyber attacks_," according to a recent article published by Security Week. Cyber Gym was inaugurated this month by the Israel Electric Corp (IEC) who has fallen victim to a number of attacks recently – _some 10,000 attacks per hour, according to the article.

Cyber Gym director Ofir Hason was quoted in the article to say, "_Israel, we believe, is the most attacked country, and as the most-attacked civilian company in Israel, this gives us the unique capabilities to train other companies around the world to defend against system hacking._" IEC CEO Eli Glickman was also quoted in the article saying, "_The Cyber Gym's instructors are well-versed in the art of cyber warfare._"

"We're a group of professionals from the army, security services, and (straight) from university_," one of the Cyber Gym's anonymous instructors said. "_It's a playground to simulate real cyberattacks," he said.

Read more details about the training that takes place at Israel's Cyber Gym in the full article here at Security Week.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  December 3, 2013