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New Drive Technology Promises Huge Impact Featured Image

New Drive Technology Promises Huge Impact

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  November 11, 2013

A recent article posted by Tech News World stated that HGST, a subsidiary of the electronic manufacturer Western Digital, has introduced new technology in producing the Ultrastar He6 hard disk drive.

According to the article, HGST has developed a new method of increasing the storage capacity of a standard 3.5-inch hard disk by filling the drive not with air but with helium – the first product of this type to be introduced in the marketplace. The article states that the 6-terabyte Ultrastar He6 HDD hard drive contains seven disk platters instead of the standard five and, according to HGST, is the highest-capacity drive on the planet.

The report highlights that the HGST design eliminates the amount of drag inside the enclosure since helium has a one-seventh density of air, allowing for less space between the platters. This would make it possible for the manufacturer to place more platters in the enclosure, increasing the drive's capacity.

Charles King, a principal analyst at Pund-IT, was quoted in the article to say, "I think that in large deployments, the savings could be considerable. Not only could it impact [total cost of ownership], cloud, and other large-scale environments, but it could make the HGST solution attractive in an archive and other applications where the tape is more commonly used."

Read more about this new technology and what impact it could make on the marketplace here at Tech News World.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  November 11, 2013