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Shout out to SHOUTcast & the Courageous Hearts of Native Americans Featured Image

Shout out to SHOUTcast & the Courageous Hearts of Native Americans

by: Hostwinds Team  /  November 22, 2018

Happy early Thanksgiving, Hostwinds Community/Family!

Shout out to THANKSGIVING!…The part about coming together with loved ones and taking extra time/moments to say what you're grateful for, not the part where the pilgrims began their long-lasting endeavor to destroy Native American culture bit by bit. …Too dark? What's that? You weren't shocked at all by that completely accurate statement because it is no secret that pilgrims straight up devastated the Native American's natural lifestyle and culture?

Shout out to Native Americans for being strong during adverse times! To honor their resilience, solid spirits, and courage, I will sprinkle (a word that no one uses anymore:) NEAT facts and (made up word approaching:) info you may not have known about Native Americans and Native American culture all over this blog post. FOR EXAMPLE, you know that nice city in Washington state called Puyallup? It is named after the Puyallup tribe, and this tribe's name essentially means "generous and hospitable people."

Another quick/awesome fact: One of the tribes within the Iroquois Native American nation shaved off some of their hair and painted what was left of it with vibrant colors. Can you guess what this tribe was called? What's that? You thought, "The Mohawk Tribe?" GENIUS ANSWER! That's where we got the term "mohawk." Oh, P.S. I searched around A LOT online to find the best Native American facts for this blog post, and the most beautiful/coolest Native American facts I found happen to come from the following beautiful/cool site (Shout out to the following site! A huge thank you from me to you!):

I will also reference a captivating and fascinating book written by Robin Wall Kimmerer entitled Braiding Sweetgrass throughout this blog post, and it should be noted that I highly recommend reading this text if you are looking to (hippie comment coming up…ready yourself:) heal and improve your connection to the earth. Okay, moving on:

Wait, what is this post about again? I forgot while during all this Thanksgiving talk.

Oh yes, SHOUTcast!

Shout out to SHOUTcast! Wait, why does SHOUTcast earn a shout-out? Oh, this one is easy! Uuuuuum, because SHOUTcast is…SPLENDID! It's splendid because it "allows anyone from around the globe to host their Radio station." Well-put, Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide entitled "SHOUTcast Overview!" If you want to read more well-put things and stuff about SHOUTcast, visit

Gear yourself up for a medley of SHOUTcast facts interspersed with Native American facts. OH, this is going to be just (Thanksgiving pun:) graaaAAaaAvvvvvyyyyyyyy!

Splendid SHOUTcast

More about SHOUTcast: SHOUTcast gives you the capability of doing so many wonderful things. Here are some of those things:

1. Start a Podcast

2. Start a talk show

3. DJ and broadcast music worldwide

4. The "SHOUTcast Overview" reminded me of this very amazing thing one can do with SHOUTcast: "Have your favorite tunes playing 24 / 7."

More About Native Americans:

Three specific crops – corn, beans, and squash – were referred to as "the three sisters" by certain Native American tribes in North America because, when they are planted together, they supported and complemented one another's growth and well-being. In Braiding Sweetgrass, Kimmerer explains, "Acre for acre, a Three Sisters garden yields more food than if you grew each of the sisters alone. You can tell they are sisters: one twines easily around the other in a relaxed embrace while the sweet baby sister lolls at their feet, close, but not too close – cooperating, not competing (page 132 Braiding Sweetgrass)."

Kimmerer goes into detail as to exactly how the three sisters nurture and assist one another: "The corn stands eight feet tall; rippling green ribbons of leaf curl away from the stem in every direction to catch the sun. No leaf sits directly over the next so that each can gather light without shading the others. The bean twines around the corn stalk, weaving itself between the leaves of corn, never interfering with their work. In the spaces where corn leaves are not, buds appear on the vining bean and expand into outstretched leaves and clusters of fragrant flowers. The bean leaves droop and is held close to the stem of the corn. Spread around the feet of the corn and beans is a carpet of big broad squash leaves that intercept the light that falls among the pillars of corn (page 131 – 132 Braiding Sweetgrass)."

Kimmerer elaborates on the spirit of the three sisters within the corn, beans, and squash in the following passage: "The firstborn girl knows that she is clearly in charge; tall and direct, upright and efficient, she creates the template for everyone else to follow. That's the corn sister. There's no room for more than one corn woman in the same house, so the middle sister is likely to adapt in different ways. This bean girl learns flexible, adaptable, to find a way around the dominant structure to get the light that she needs. The sweet baby sister is free to choose a different path, as expectations have already been fulfilled. Well-grounded, she has nothing to prove and finds her own way, a way that contributes to the good of the whole (page 132 Braiding Sweetgrass)."

Even More About SHOUTcast:

SHOUTcast is particularly convenient because it allows you to autoplay a list of songs chosen by you without having to click next or manage your songs.

Even More About Native Americans:

A direct quote straight from that website I mentioned full of glorious Native American facts: "The term 'Native American' does not usually refer to Native Hawaiians or Alaskan Natives, such as Aleut, Yup'ik, or Inuit peoples." Apparently, Native Hawaiians prefer to be referred to as Native Hawaiians rather than Native Americans because their origin is Polynesian. You learn something new every day, don't you?

One More SHOUTcast Fact:

That "SHOUTcast Overview" guide has all the answers! I like the way the following SHOUTcast fact was phrased:

The guide explains that SHOUTcast offers unmetered traffic, "meaning you (and your listeners) can listen as much as you want."

Hey Hostwinds' Front-Line Team…your Knowledge Base guides are the best! Guess what else? YOU are the best! You make my life and countless others so much easier.

One More Native American Fact:

A significant amount of U.S. state names are of Native American origin. Examples of this include Arizona and Kentucky.

Shout Out to Hostwinds SHOUTcast

Good news! Hostwinds offers more than one SHOUTcast plan! There are three, and all three include unmetered traffic and an online control panel. Here they are:

SHOUTcast Hosting

1. Basic SHOUTcast Hosting – You can have up to 30 listeners with this plan (

2. Advanced SHOUTcast Hosting – You can have up to 100 listeners with this plan (

3. Ultimate SHOUTcast Hosting – You get unlimited listeners with this plan(

Visit to review precisely what each of these plans entails.

Visit to tune your station as you desire.

Here's a bunch of other guides that will get you going with SHOUTcast:

Oh, also, SHOUTcast comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can also easily upgrade from one Hostwinds SHOUTcast Hosting plan to another if you so choose. Oh, also, here is a remarkable fact about Native American culture that will hopefully induce a smile:

Quote from Braiding Sweetgrass: "In some Native languages, the term for plants translates to 'those who take care of us.'"

WHOA, the hippie in me enjoyed that last fact! Thanks, Robin Wall Kimmerer, you genius woman…I hope you know this comes straight from the heart: SHOUT OUT TO YOU!

Shout Out to Gratitude

There are so many things to be thankful for this year. We are a tight-knit group here at Hostwinds, and, regardless of what this holiday stands for, we feel gratitude for one another. Furthermore, the Hostwinds Family is very thankful for all those who love and support us and for…YOU! Something else we're very grateful for: Adaptable and advantageous software applications like SHOUTcast. (Just one more shout out before we depart:) SHOUT OUT TO YOU SHOUTCAST (it feels so liberating the let the shout out)!

On a serious note, please accept the Hostiwnds Family's sincere gratitude for the role you play in our community. We give thanks for you not just today but every day. Happy gratitude day!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  November 22, 2018