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The Omnipotent Powers of The Minecraft Expert Featured Image

The Omnipotent Powers of The Minecraft Expert

by: Hostwinds Team  /  January 3, 2019

Weird confession to get us started: I had a recurring dream when I was in Kindergarten that I was ($ 10-word time:) omnipotent, and I vividly remember I would always change the colors of the bricks on the side of my school's building before going on to manifest many more magical things. Albert Einstein once said, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination," and precocious children like young me had absolutely no shortage of imagination. As such, you can imagine what kinds of marvelous phenomena filled these dreams of mine.

More weird confessions: As I reflected on this as an adult, I began to realize these dreams may be messages from my subconscious that any of us can achieve anything we put our minds to. At this point, you're likely thinking, "hmm, I am so curious how this relates in any way to anything technical. Erin….reel it in and explain, please." I don't mind if I do, you wonderful audience dearest to my heart, you! The individual who plays the *thinking for the appropriate adjective here…please excuse me for one second* magnificent Minecraft game is truly the omnipotent creator of their very own little lego-looking world. During this blog post, we will cover some interesting information regarding Minecraft.

You Are The Master of Your Minecraft World

Minecraft is aptly named Minecraft because in order to create, or craft, your world, you must first mine the dirt. The game is really great in that it is fun for both kids and adults to play!

It is also really great because of that omnipotent thing I just explained. To elaborate on that, you start out with one block (in the same way you begin with one lego) and build from there. The way you attain this block is by punching it into the ground to mine it. It is fun to be able to make your own rules, build your own universe, and make the game your own. Once you've made your world, you can journey through it and enjoy the same character-building challenges you would tackle in today's nearly life-like video games.

Yet another reason the game is really great: You can play solo or with buddies! Did someone say "Hostwinds Community Minecraft Party?" What's that? There are way too many people in our community to coordinate that? Okay, a solo Minecraft party is for me, then!

The way Minecraft became popular is like the way going gluten-free got popular (I can say that because I am gluten-free, haha). People just kind of started talking about it more and more, and suddenly this seemingly simple game (for our high-tech standards) blew up. Minecraft is full of fun options, such as creating monsters and raising animals. If you want to know about some of the fun characters in Minecraft and the fun ways you can configure your server to do fun things(hmmm…did I say fun too many times…hmm…definitely not!), check out this sterling Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide:

If you have been following my past blog posts, you know I love quoting myself, and I found a gem in the blog archives that seems appropriate here:

"The Minecraft application is cool because when you choose this option, all you have to do is set your Minecraft settings and start the game server. Everything else is ready to go, and you can start playing Minecraft right away."

By the way, quick shoutout to the Hostwinds experts who taught me about Minecraft when I was a newbie to this field!

By the way, again, that quote comes from this blog post:

By the way, again (shameless plug alert:) Part 2 of that blog series can be found at

*Scanning for more shameless plugs…Scanning…Scanning…Scanning* Okay, it looks like we are good for now. I digress!

Back to Minecraft Facts: The game is available for your smartphone, computer, as well as a multitude of those console games like Playstation.

There is a slew of modes you can set for your Minecraft game, and I will shed some light on each.

Survival Mode

Survival mode is when you can get a game over (aka die) in the game, and there is a limit to what you can create. You basically have to earn your keep in this mode.

Creative Mode

Creative mode is when you can't get a game over (aka die) in the game, and there isn't a limit to what you can create. In other words, there isn't a limited number of Minecraft lego-like boxes.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is when you can play in the worlds that other people built on Minecraft.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode is when you can play around in a world but can't create new things or demolish old things.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode is indeed HARDCORE. Why, you ask? Hardcore mode is when your game is set to be the most difficult possible, and if you get a game over, you can't go back to the world you previously created.

*Scanning for more shameless plugs…Scanning…Scanning…Scanning* I found one! Just kidding, I found a whole lot! The following Hostwinds Knowledge Base guides will assist you throughout your Minecraft voyage.

Information About Minecraft Servers & Tools to Help You Get Started:

Information About How to Set Up Your Minecraft Server:

Information About How Your Minecraft Server Operates:

Information About How to Customize the Way Your Minecraft Game Runs:

Oh, and the most important part! Visit to get started with a Minecraft SSD Hosting plan today!

Who Else Wants to Start Crafting Right This Second?

Is anyone else wanting to wrap this up so we can start building our own worlds ASAP? What's that? Literally every one of us? Let's get on it! First, though, some Minecraft comedic relief:

When I interviewed Hostwinds' Cloud Template Developer/Unofficial Senior Front-Line Expert/Jack of All Trades, Benjamin, in Part 4 of our "Front-Line Imaginative Interviews, Ideas, & Inquiries" blog series, I made sure to ask him this:

"What is the coolest thing you can do in Minecraft?"

Benjamin's response was the following:

"The coolest thing you can do in Minecraft is…you can make aaaaaanyyyythiiiiing. I have seen someone make a working smartphone in-game that can call out from the computer using Skype. I have personally been a part of a collaborative effort in building a life-size in-game replica of the Star Trek Enterprise.

But, my favorite thing I've ever seen was a to-scale replica of Middle Earth from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. This recreation was so big, to actually walk through the Mines of Moria would take three actual days, and you could easily get lost. All the cities were life-size to scale, according to the books. It was absolutely beautiful. 100% accuracy. They used as many resources as possible, and it took them hundreds of thousands of man-hours."

I laughed so hard while Benjamin explained this to me, I was nearly unable to jot down what he said.

Visit if you'd like to laugh a bunch more and/or learn more about Hostwinds.

Okay, NOW we are ready to start mining and crafting! I will meet you in the Minecraft land of wonders, creators!

*Omnipotent = All-knowing / Possessing the ability to do absolutely anything at all / Limitless

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  January 3, 2019