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The Top-Notch Top10 Website Hosting Review of Hostwinds

by: Hostwinds Team  /  December 1, 2018

Reviews are cool. The Hostwinds Family likes getting them…especially when they are good! Speaking of, Top10 Website Hosting ( recently wrote a very comprehensive review about everything that Hostwinds is about…AND WE LOVED IT! It covers topics ranging from Hostwinds' amazing support team's dedication to our clients to our sweet Minecraft Servers! Here are the highlights that made our team smile:

Our Favorite Parts of the Review

The Hostwinds Team particularly loved the following quotes of Top10 Website Hosting's evaluation:

1. "Because Hostwinds was created to fill a customer service void in the hosting space. They are extremely passionate about the level and speed of customer support offered. Waiting around for an answer from live support or ticketing systems can seriously hold up a project. Therefore the whole focus with Hostwinds is to ensure super-fast customer support so that their clients can get on with their business."

We couldn't get enough of this accurate description of our passion for bringing solutions to our clients. It gets better too! This quote is also great:

2. "Hostwinds have a clear escalation system in place, whereby their customers can request in-depth assistance should they have an issue. They offer caring and supportive technical assistance that treats their customers like a family member. Hostwinds provide a really clear, comprehensive knowledge base that you can use to navigate their systems and infrastructure."

YES! I couldn't have put it better myself! In my personal experience, that is precisely how the Hostwind Front-Line Team feels about client support. We developed a highly efficient system to ensure our clients never feel neglected. You are just so on point, Top10 Web Hosting! The Hostwinds Family appreciates you!

We love it when people recognize how hard our support team works to do things right, to provide quality support for our clients, and, most importantly, to offer clients a truly honest service. This part of the assessment touches on that a bit:

3. "The team over at Hostwinds is dedicated to ensuring that everyone is always well looked after. They aim to not just sell, they want to provide a world-class support system for their clients. Building long-standing customer relationships with their customers is something that Hostwinds excels at. Hostwinds vows to be completely honest and transparent with their customers. Additionally, they aim to be thorough and prompt with their response times."

This impeccable analysis continues:

4. "Customer service remains at the heart of Hostwinds and is something that they work tirelessly at every day. They are always enthusiastic and willing to help their customers 24hours, 7 days of the week."

"Enthusiastic and willing" is right!

Okay, last awesome quote from the review:

5. "They offer everything that you would want from a web host, topped off with the best customer support available on the market today. Whether you are looking for shared hosting for an individual or you want a larger business server with all of the bells and whistles, Hostwinds is sure to have the best possible solution."

Absolutely! The Hostwinds Team's got your back no matter what.

Thanks again, Top10 Website Hosting!

Visit to take a look at this evaluation.

Thank You, Top10 Website Hosting!

Here at Hostwinds, we are thankful for reviews. Improvement is essential because we are resolute in always being well-equipped to ensure our clients feel secure and comfortable concerning their web hosting accounts. Feedback is important to us and, if I haven't mentioned it enough already, Top10 Website Hosting's feedback made our day! Once again, shout out to Top10 Website Hosting! We honestly can't thank you enough for so eloquently informing the public as to how deeply the Hostwinds Team cares, as to the high-quality services we provide, and as to the variety of products and services that we offer. We enjoy giving our all to every one of our clients because we believe in what we do, and we do provide products and services that help people. That's what we want, and that's how we've designed everything we offer. It's all for you, Booboo!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 1, 2018