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What You Should Look for in a Web Host [Infographic] Featured Image

What You Should Look for in a Web Host [Infographic]

by: Andrea Martin  /  August 16, 2013

Key Concerns For Anyone Seeking a New Web Host

Now that you've decided to utilize a new web hosting service, what are the important features and benefits you should consider? A web host is your link to a network of targeted consumers and businesses, and the right level of uptime, features, security, and service will make all the difference.

One of the most important considerations to make is the "uptime" percentage. Simply put, this is the amount of time that the web host is up and running. If there is any downtime to speak of, your website will not load for anyone visiting the site. Uptime percentages are generally graded as a number of "nines." For example, a "one-nine"-uptime percentage means 90% uptime or 72 hours of downtime per month. A "two-nine"-uptime percentage refers to 99% uptime, or 7.2 hours of downtime each month. 99.9% and 99.99% correlate to 43 and 4.3 minutes of downtime, respectively. Because of the importance of keeping a virtual "open sign" above your website's window, you'll want a web host with at least 99% uptime, preferably 99.9%.

Other considerations involve disk space and bandwidth. Most users will want to cushion their estimated data storage requirements by at least 20% – this ensures adequate coverage should the need arise for additional web pages. Bandwidth is also critical, as this figure dictates how much information you and your website visitors can upload and download each month. Generally, you'll want to employ a web hosting company that provides a professional email service, which can enhance the communication between the owner of the website and the site visitor.

Robust Security Controls and Responsive Customer Service Are Keys To Quality Web Hosting

Better web hosting companies must pay close attention to the physical and virtual security layers available today. Internal audits of existing security systems are vital, as well as eCommerce-friendly software like SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. All reputable web hosting companies will have some internal firewall to prevent hackers and other malicious threats from gaining access to critical information.

One of the most significant factors to consider when looking for a new web hosting company is the type of customer service/support available. It is essential to seek an organization with around-the-clock customer support that offers a variety of communication styles. Email, phone, and live chat are three important ways to communicate with a web host.

Neither the Cheapest Nor the Most Expensive Is Usually the Answer

When finalizing the decision to enlist the services of a new hosting company, seeking the cheapest one – out of a need to keep your budget under control, is usually not the right answer. Conversely, choosing the most expensive host in hopes of somehow reaping a list of exclusive benefits usually doesn't work out. The goal should be to find a web host that provides the level of uptime, features, security, and service that you need at a price that makes sense.


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Written by Andrea Martin  /  August 16, 2013