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Expert Declares Cyber Criminals Immune from Punishment Featured Image

Expert Declares Cyber Criminals Immune from Punishment

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  February 6, 2014

A renowned and respected security researcher made a controversial declaration that "_eastern European cybercriminal gangs" – who recently breached security and attacked Target and other retailers – are "_relatively safe from arrest and prosecution_, "according to an article published by SC Magazine. The article indicates that Nart Villeneuve, the reported researcher, what quoted in the article to say that "_eastern Europe is clearly a trouble spot_" and revealed that "cybercrime gangs are even joining together in networks known as 'Partnerkas', with little risk of prosecution_".

Former Met Police Computer Crime Unit detective Adrian Culley – currently a global security consultant with Damballa – is an advocate for Villeneuve's viewpoint and has said that "_the industry is rife with rumors that Russian organized crime groups have been offered immunity from prosecution by the Russian authorities, as long as they do not attack Russian citizens_ "according to the article.

The article indicates that a social media post authored by Villeneuve announced that "the Target breach_", a cyber-theft of approximately "_40 million customer payment card details_" was successfully "_tracked to an individual – known online as 'ree4 – believed to be operating from Ukraine." He added, as quoted in the article that "_the stolen card data is already being sold on underground Russian-language forums._" The article relays their opinions by stating that the individuals involved in this type of activity include "_service providers who operate bulletproof' hosting and botnets._"

Read much more about these declarations and opinions about prosecution efforts in the full article here at SC Magazine.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  February 6, 2014