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Features Included in All VPS Plans

1 Gbps Ports

Solid State Drives


99.9999% Uptime

Free Website Transfer

Custom ISO's

Friendliness Guarantee

Multiple Locations

Enterprise Firewall

Windows VPS Features

Get started with a Windows VPS today to receive dedicated resources that are exclusively for you. What's more? It takes mere minutes for us to get your VPS up and running!

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Redundant Network

We have ensured that there is no single point of failure so that our redundant network will provide you with the stability you require. Your windows VPS remote desktop will always be available when you need it.

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Nightly Backups

Hostwinds offers a nightly backup service so that your information is protected. We make use of windows shadow copy to ensure a consistent snapshot is created during the backup process. You can keep your backups for as long as you like and access them at any time!

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Server Monitoring

We offer a real-time monitoring service for all VPS Hosting plans. Our Server Monitoring proactively monitors your server and automatically opens a support ticket on your behalf in the event of a technical issue.

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Instant Scalability

Increase your server resources instantly by upgrading to the next tier of your Windows VPS plan! Upgrading is simple with Hostwinds, allowing you to scale your server based on your needs.

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Full Management

Our team of support experts is always here for you. Connect with us via Live Chat or support tickets anytime, day or night. We can assist and help to solve your problems.

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Enterprise Hardware

Windows runs great on Intel, which is why we always deploy the latest and greatest hardware with Intel CPU's, to provide our clients with the smoothest windows VPS performance possible.

Deploy Your Windows Server Instantly

Launch your server with the version of Windows you need.


Our Cloud Portal Makes Managing Servers Easy

Our proprietary Cloud Control Panel gives you the tools you need for managing your windows servers.

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Snapshots take a complete real-time backup of your server. You can then use this snapshot to recover your virtual private server in the event of a critical failure. You can also use any of your snapshots to launch multiple VPS's based on one template quickly. This means you can easily scale applications and only have to worry about configuring all your settings once. Snapshots provide you the flexibility you need to make full use of the Hostwinds cloud.

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Enterprise Firewall

Protect your cloud server from incoming threats with our easy to configure Cloud Firewalls. This allows you to easily configure what traffic you want to allow to and from your VPS. This firewall is implemented externally from your server, which provides additional security against malware that may try to disable your server's software firewall.

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Volumes can be created and attached to any VPS. This is an excellent method for creating a second hard drive for additional bulk storage. You can also quickly move volumes between VPS's with just a few clicks.

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Object Storage

Object storage is perfect for storing any type of data. Think of it as a big box in the cloud for all your "stuff". You can easily integrate with our object storage service utilizing any clients that support the industry standard S3 protocol.

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Load Balancers

Our Load Balancers distribute traffic across multiple VPS's. This allows you to deploy highly available and horizontally scalable applications easily. You can customize how your traffic distributes as well as configure sticky sessions and other advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Windows VPS Hosting

What is a Windows VPS?

Hostwinds Windows VPSs can come with Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, or Microsoft Windows Server 2019, installed and are ready for use within minutes after placing your order. Hostwinds Windows VPSs are optimized for our environment and deployed to any of our data center locations.

How do I access my Windows VPS?

Windows Servers come with Remote Desktop (RDP) access and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) access to your server. You have full Administrator access to any Windows VPS, which allows you to manage and configure it. You can also choose to install a web hosting management control panel such a Plesk or SolidCP to make managing your server easier.

Can I browse the Internet with my Windows VPS?

Google Chrome comes installed with any Windows VPS. You can use your Windows VPS in the same way you would use your computer to browse the internet and visit sites like Youtube and Google. You may also install other applications if needed, as you fully control your server and configurations.

Do you provide Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) Licenses?

Hostwinds does not offer Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) licenses at this time. These can be obtained directly through Microsoft if needed, and our technicians can assist in the installation.

Will my Windows VPS be licensed?

Windows VPS licenses are provided by Hostwinds when you order your Windows VPS. Your server will be deployed and licensed automatically. The first time you sign in, you will see that your VPS is licensed and active.

Can I upgrade my Windows VPS at a later time?

Microsoft Windows Servers may be upgraded at any time through your Cloud Control if you need any additional resources. Be sure your server is cloud-ready and able to meet the demands of your personal or business use, with enough resources such as CPU Cores, RAM, and Disk Space.

Do you offer backups on Windows VPS?

Hostwinds gives you the option to add backups when you create your server or after it is in use. It is essential to ensure you always have a backup ready. Hostwinds helps you with automating incremental backups for your server. The backup services Hostwinds offers are only $1 a month + $0.03 per GB.

It is critical to ensure you have a working backup. This helps protect you against unforeseen circumstances that could lead to data loss.

Is there a server management area for my Windows VPS?

Hostwinds has a custom-built Cloud Control so that you can conveniently manage your server.

You can manage and control all aspects of your server from our cloud portal. This makes it easy to do things like reset your password or add additional volume storage.

What is included in Full Server Management?

Our tiers of support include 24/7/365 support via Live Chat and support tickets. We are here to help you with ongoing server maintenance and setup of automated tasks upon request.

We can also help with: operating system updates, virus scans, mitigation of load problems or sluggishness, troubleshooting for network-related issues, assistance if a server fails to boot, help with hardware failures, package installations, and much more!

Check out our Tiers of Support in the Hostwinds Product Documentation for a complete list.

Will my Windows VPS require Windows Updates?

You have full control over your server and configurations. While Windows updates are not required and may be disabled if needed, we highly recommend you keep them enabled.

Updating your Windows VPS's Operating System is a critical part of preventing your server from being compromised.

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